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Orlando Internal Medicine Center

Dr. Azhar Chaudhry, MD
Tim Lanier, APRN

Disclaimer:  This page is dedicated to real-life stories and events that have occurred both in the clinical setting and in the hospital setting.  Prior to posting, each patient was asked for permission to share their story under anonymous pretense to help others and each person expressed a willing desire. While these events are true, I value privacy and honor HIPPA laws with full integrity, therefore the names used in the stories are fictional.


Arnold, a 27 year old black male who works at a local fast food fried chicken restaurant, came into the clinic for a routine visit.  He admitted that he hadn't visited a doctor's office in years and had been pressed by his mom for a long while to change that.  He wasn't experiencing any pain and there was nothing in particular that gave him concern which is the biggest reason why he hadn't made maintaining a routine annual wellness visit with his primary care provider (PCP) a priority.  Arnold was in GREAT shape- he said that he's never felt better.  Just as with every patient that comes into the office, we took Arnold's vital signs and immediately went into HIGH ALERT. 



Phyllis came into the clinic distraught, depleted, and destroyed.  She could barely say three words without choking up.  She reported that she can't eat, can't think, and can't sleep.  She feels weak and tired all of the time and has absolutely no desire to do anything at all but lay in bed.  It had been only 1 month since she buried her daughter who was her best friend.  They talked everyday and went just about everywhere together.  They were inseparable for 35 years and now for the first time in as long, they're separated.  Phyllis's daughter had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and was given just 4-6 months to live when she found out.  


Sonya came into the clinic stating that she felt like her body was just falling apart.  Over the last 4-6 months, she had experienced an increase in aches and pains in her joints and could not understand why.  Sonya had just celebrated her 51st birthday 2 weeks prior to her visit and she was thoroughly convinced that whoever said that 50 was the new 40 needed to be “thrown under the jail” for that lie.  Sonya joked about her seemingly debilitated condition but was very concerned and serious about why she was ‘falling apart.’ 


Cecil is a 44-year-old guy living the most vibrant life imaginable.  He had just received the promotion at work that he had worked so hard and stressed himself out so much to get. He has 3 beautiful children who all excel in sports and so he's extremely active in the community serving as a volunteer coach for his son's basketball team and his daughters' volleyball team.  Admittedly Cecil allowed his focus on healthy choices to slip in the midst of his tumultuously busy life. Eating on the run- fast food just about daily had become the norm.

Stay tuned for more stories to come...

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